While 1 Peter was written to encourage the young church in the face of growing persecution from the outside, the Book of 2 Peter addresses issues arising within the church itself. False teachers were entering into the church and teaching ideas that were contrary to the Word of God. There were strict legalists, those who abandoned moral behavior, those who stopped involvement in society to await Christ’s return, and those who believed Christ would never return at all.

Knowing his life was nearing its end, Peter wrote one last forceful message to the church to strike against these false teachers. He called on the church to remember the Scripture and the teachings of Jesus so that they would grow stronger and more mature in their faith. He says the answer to the false teachers was true knowledge, which is grounded in the Old Testament prophets and the eyewitness accounts of Jesus’s life. Peter places strong emphasis on knowledge and thinking – Christians must study the Scripture so that they can recognize and denounce false teachers.

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