The Epistle of Jude is the shortest book in the Bible, but it’s possible it wasn’t intended to be. Jude initially wanted to write about salvation, but instead, he felt a powerful urge to write on the false teachers who infested the church. Jude does not detail these teachers’ beliefs, but instead describes their behaviors: sexually immoral, rebellious, slanderous towards God, and speaking abusively against things they don’t understand.

Jude draws parallels between these apostates and figures from the Old Testament: the selfish Cain, the greedy Balaam, the rebellious Korah, the immoral citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah, and even the angels who were cast out of Heaven.

But while Jude foresees doom for the false teachers, he still manages to tie this message back to his intended message of salvation. He urges Christians to be merciful to those who doubt, in the hopes that these lost souls might see the truth and come to know Jesus.

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